I came to McCombs…

I came to McCombs & Associates Physical Therapy after two years of trying to pinpoint the cause of the pain and stiffness I felt in my leg and foot. (During those two years, I was seen by several specialists who couldn’t figure out what was wrong and who told me that everything was fine.)

When I began PT, not only did I have difficulty with my regular exercise routine (which included jogging), but it even hurt to stand on my leg or even walk. Dr. McCombs was able to identify the problem and finally address the real issue. We were able to trace everything back to a surgery I had on my foot a few years ago. Because the problem had been in the making for so long, I spent a long time at PT.

While at my PT appointments, everyone was always cheerful and encouraging. Dr. McCombs was very knowledgeable about how to address my specific situation. He would show me how to do the stretches and exercises and gave me the necessary tools to see improvement in my leg and foot. Due to the nature of the problem, my recovery was long and slow, but I very much appreciated the individualized plan I was given. I was also pleased with the progress I experienced, step by step.

I am now able to do all of my daily activities with little or no pain. I am also able to jog short intervals again and am excited to get back into a good exercise routine. While my leg and foot are not 100% yet, I continue to see improvement.

When I think back to the pain I experienced on a daily basis before PT, I still get teary-eyed. I am so grateful for Dr. McCombs and his staff. They have made an amazing difference in my life.