My story and experience…

My story and experience with McCombs & Associates involves the lower back and rehab recovery for a surgical repair for my right clavicle, as a result of a bicycle wreck.

After responding to an ad for sciatica nerve evaluation, I decided to use Dr. McCombs for some rehab work on my lower back. After starting the treatment, I experienced immediate relief from back pain and continue to use the recommended exercises on a daily basis. The staff was knowledgeable and understanding with my treatment, and very professional.

My second round of treatment with McCombs came after my surgery for repair to my right clavicle after a bicycle wreck. The staff had designed rehab exercises that brought the free mobility and strength back to my injured shoulder. Since I am a competing triathlete, it was imperative that I recover as soon as possible so I could resume my swimming. As a result of my treatment, I have completed two swim, bike and run triathlons, and I have returned to six days of training per week. My shoulder is pain free and strong!

Mike G.