Here at Levelland Physical Therapy we have an amazing aquatic therapy center. Our therapeutic heated pool has an underwater treadmill, jets, and easy access. It is extremely helpful for people who have a difficulty walking due to pain or weakness.  Also great for post-operative knees, hips, ankles, and backs.  Here are just a few of the awesome benefits of aquatic therapy:


1. Warm water facilities muscle relaxation
2. Un-weights/decompresses joints
3. Decreases pain sensitivity
4. Facilitates normal walking earlier in the rehab process
5.  Water and jets provide resistance for strengthening

Aquatic therapy can also be used to treat numerous different diagnosis and injuries.

Potential diagnosis that aquatic therapy can help with:
1.  Low back pain
2. Joint pain
3. ‎Arthritis
4. ‎Post surgical (knee replacement,  shoulder replacement, hip replacement, rotator cuff repair, ankle surgery)
5. ‎Muscle weakness
6. ‎ACL Recontructions
7. ‎Impaired weight- bearing tolerance
8. ‎Fractures

If you are considering physical therapy come to Levelland Physical Therapy and see what  benefits you could experience from aquatic therapy .We are the only clinic in Levelland that offers aquatic therapy.

Not a patient and want to use our pool? No problem!!! For a monthly fee you can come in and use the pool however you like!!

Please come by and see our pool at 410 Ave G, Levelland or contact us at 806-897-0540 for more information!